Release History

DigForm 2.3.0

Posted 2 years 77 days ago ago by digmike

  • UPDATE DNN 9.2 compatible
  • FIX Error about extra comma
  • FIX DNN9 issue with pop up calendar
  • FIX DNN9 issue locale dropdown colors
  • FIX issue where default locale wasn't the initial selection in the locale dropdown
  • NEW Added now Survey style field
  • NEW Added [item:ip] to get the ip of the submitted form. If you want to use the ip as a default value of a hidden field, you can use [ip] token
  • FIX Date Time field, Default to current date time now defaults to user local time if logged in.
  • FIX Address individual part values were not working with the tokens
  • NEW Added Read Only option to certain fields
  • CHANGE Number field do not default to "0" on edit screen
  • NEW Added new after submit option to View Statistics
  • NEW Added Hidden Field type
  • NEW Delete All data in the Results tab
  • FIX MaxLengh for a Memo field did not work.
  • FIX Overflow that occurred to lots of large Whole Number values.
  • FIX Emails stopped working in DNN 7.2 because the SMTP passwords are now encrypted .
  • FIX Multi Select listbox was not working.
  • FIX Merge sections did not look correct in emails.
  • FIX Address Region was showing when it should not have.
  • NEW Now accepts tokens on the redirect url.
  • FIX Localized version of the Thank You message wasn't being displayed.
  • FIX If Min/Max validators didn't have a min or max value, you would get an error.
  • FIX Default Country on an address field was not working properly.
  • FIX Emailing Paragraph Text type field would loose the new lines.
  • CHANGE Added Azure Compatibility to the manifest.
  • FIX DateTime Picker options where not visible on a Date Only type field
  • NEW Content type for File upload to filter what file types are displayed in the file upload dialog
  • NEW Allow required on File upload
  • NEW jQuery Date/Time picker
  • NEW Added Security for View Results, Edit Results, and View Statistics so you can assign roles to those tasks
  • FIX Delete item was not working in some cases.
  • FIX Issue with the install
  • NEW Submit Type HTTP Post added so you can post the form results to other web pages
  • FIX Range Statistics for Whole Number field type would have an error
  • CHANGE File Upload field types will now pre-pended the filename with the FieldID to have more uniqueness in the filenames.
  • NEW Required option is allowed on checkbox controls. This can be used as forcing acknowledgements.
  • FIX The Field list, Results and Statistics would disappear when editing the non-default locale.
  • FIX Calculation of the last range was not correct in the new Statistics.
  • FIX SectionID error when saving localized settings.
  • FIX Export would have an error for an empty file field.
  • FIX Admin would give Object reference error if you add a new CheckBox field.
  • FIX File attachments were not being included in Emails if you override the body.
  • CHANGE Static field types are no longer exported.
  • CHANGE When editing a field from the Admin, you will return to the Fields List in the admin
  • FIX The Field list, Results and Statistics would disappear when editing the non-default locale.
  • FIX Calculation of the last range was not correct in the new Statistics.
  • FIX SectionID error when saving localized settings.
  • CHANGE When editing a field from the Admin, you will return to the Fields List in the admin
  • NEW Statistics report
  • CHANGE Field types that have items will now retain blanks so that you can present a user with a default empty option and force them to select one.
  • FIX Better handling of SQL issues when loading field items from a SQL table.
  • FIX Print was not working if the form contained email or address fields.
  • FIX Option to disable SQL was always disabling SQL options at times
  • NEW Email submit action now has lots of settings to control the From part of the emails.
  • NEW Option to disable SQL options to non-host users
  • FIX Postback errors when certain characters were used in list controls
  • FIX Other radio button was not selected when editing a submission
  • NEW Added optional connection string to SQL type submit action
  • NEW Added ability for Address field type to have defaults
  • CHANGE Some CSS to avoid conflicts
  • FIX Fixed error MaximumValue property of '' cannot be converted to type 'Integer'.
  • FIX tag did not work.
  • FIX was case sensitive
  • FIX Required validation for the Address type fields wasn't working properly
  • CHANGE  Changed some of the CSS to avoid conflicts with some skins
  • NEW Added tokens for default values
  • NEW Added support for default fields for Name type field
  • NEW Added Delete option to results item view.
  • NEW Added Print option to the results view
  • NEW Added Print after submit option.  To work, you must save the results to the DB.
  • FIX When using an existing field to use as the To email address in the Email Submit Actions, not all available fields would appear.
  • NEW Option for Date Date/Time fields to default to today.
  • FIX Import/Export was not exporting and importing Submit and localization information
  • FIX Field and Submit localization was not displaying when editing
  • FIX Default values for fields in sections were not working properly
  • FIX New [item:user] tag was not working properly
  • NEW Test for fields that get items from DNN or External database
  • NEW You can use [qs:variable] to get a querystring variable.  You can use this in the templates and in the default value for fields.
  • UPDATE Updated the template help box to have more information about the tokens that can be used.
  • FIX The Submit Text which lets you rename the submit button was not working
  • FIX Not all controls would reappear in the Admin when switching to the default locale
  • FIX Submit Action SQL did not have all the field data if the fields were in sections
  • FIX Submit Action SQL did not handle special SQL characters correctly
  • FIX Making a Check Box List required caused an error
  • NEW Get Items from DNN or External database.  This is for any item control like DropDown, CheckBox List, etc.
  • NEW Enhanced the Email Submit Action Test.  Added some dummy data to give a more thorough test of your email.
  • FIX Override Email Body in the Email Submit Action was not working properly
  • FIX In tags, the 'code' was case sensitive
  • FIX The help box which showed the field tokens did not display fields in sections
  • FIX Validation with multiple forms on same page was not working properly
  • FIX Import was not preserving sections
  • NEW Added Attachment URL to the Export
  • NEW Enhanced Attachment fields in the Export
  • FIX Added security checking to the Export
  • FIX Deleting a submit action would give an error
  • Initial Release
  • FIX Address required validation was causing an error