Visual Sitemap Module

DigSitemap is a DotNetNuke Module that allows you to create a visual Sitemap for your DotNetNuke site.

Purchase Includes

  • All updates and New Releases are included for 1 Year.
  • Renewals are 40% off current price at time of renewal.
  • Save even more with DigBundle.

Filtering Options

  • Filter Hidden, Disabled
  • Flatten all Children to make a single level menu
  • Select how many Children Levels to display

Override Pages

  • Override Page Settings allows you to easily customize the default data.
  • Hide Page, or Page and it's Children

Template Driven

  • Template driven so you can make it look the way you want.
  • Built-in Template Editor with token help
    DigSitemap templates


  • Multi-Language Content