Release History

DigArticle 9.1.0

Posted 1 years 70 days ago ago by digmike

  • NEW For the Email Subscription system, you can now send DNN Notifications instead
  • NEW Specify DNN roles to receive Email/Notification subscriptions
  • FIX Error when authors viewing My Articles
  • NEW Added Comment terms acceptance checkbox for GDPR
  • NEW Added option in admin to disabled the edit back link
  • NEW Added option in admin to default send email checkbox on article edit to unchecked
  • FIX Strip HTML tags from META description if it pulls it from the first page of the article
  • FIX UpdatePanel errors
  • FIX Missing Search dashboard
  • CHANGE Instead of posting DigArticle notifications to the DNN Inbox (optional), it now posts as a notification
  • FIX Issue with Recaptcha site key error
  • FIX On Recaptcha error, the comment form was not re-initializing
  • FIX Token replacement was not decoding html tokens
  • FIX Unable to cast UserInfo to UserRoleInfo
  • FIX Encoding issue with keyword search string
  • NEW DNN 9.2 compatablity
  • NEW Add option to let authors or moderators to save a published article as draft.
  • NEW Added IPortable functionality.
  • FIX Map field type Google reverse goecode was not working due to update in google API
  • NEW token 0 that you can use in your category header to display a total count.
  • NEW token ERROR: Can't find ending tag:cat:isidcat:isid