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Rotate Flash SWF content in DotNetNuke

Created 13 years 47 days ago
by digmike

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A user emailed us asking if our modules could rotate multiple Flash SWF files each time the user refreshed the web page.  They had several sharp looking Flash title banners they wanted to rotate through on their DotNetNuke site. 

Our digRotate module can do this in 2 different ways.  First you will need to add digRotate to your DNN site and choose the Rotator type of Rotator. Then you will need to tell digRotate to rotate your content on postback.

Rotate Flash SWF content in DotNetNuke

Method 1

The easiest method you would simply create your Content item in digRotate and use the FCK Editor to Insert the flash object.

Rotate Flash SWF content in DotNetNuke

Method 2

Another method would be to create a hidden DotNetNuke page and add a digFlash module for each Flash SWF file you wish to rotate.  This will use the swfobject framework to display the Flash file which is a better method than just inserting the object onto the page like the FCK editor insert.  When you then add your Content item in digRotate, you are going to choose the content type of Module, then select one of the digFlash modules you inserted in your hidden DotNetNuke page.