Example Uses

  • Blog
  • News
  • Press Releases
  • Biographies
  • Idea Sharing (using Article Voting)
  • Magazine Sites (Multiple Categories on Different Pages)
  • Business Directory
  • Classified Listings
  • Job Listings
  • Obituary Listings
  • Real Estate Listings
  • *Anything* With custom fields and a template driven output you can make anything!

Match the style of your site

  • Display is 100% Template and Style driven.
  • Use one of our built-in Templates and Styles, or easily make your own.
  • Design is only limited by your imagination.
  • Built-in Template Editor

Custom Fields

  • Add custom fields to your articles.
  • Date Only, Date and Time, Text, Integer, Decimal
  • Checkbox, Memo, Memo w/Html, Combo Box, Currency
  • Email, Hyperlink, Color, Password and Map using Google Maps
  • Many options for validation and limits.
  • Date and Time Picker
  • User selection (Search or Dropdown)

Email Subscription

  • Users can subscribe to your DigArticle module and receive email updates on new posts
  • Send single emails, or combine multiple articles in 1 email
  • Email validation on Subscribe and Unsubscribe
  • Subscriber Management allows you to easily manage the subscribers

SEO Friendly

Media - Images, Video, Audio

  • Multiple File HTML5 uploader, fast for large files!
  • Built-in image Lightbox, File Gallery, Video Player and Audio Player
  • Images are stored in their original size and quality, when they are displayed they are scaled and cached.   Major bandwidth savings!
  • Use DigArticle image management, DNN Files or a Directory to store User specific media.

Article & Comment Voting

  • Article and Comment voting, both are optional, and the voting naming is configurable (Likes, Digg, Mixx, Nukes, etc )
  • One vote per user, or unlimited anonymous
  • Comments and Articles can be sorted by popularity.

Ratings, Categories, Tags, Taxonomy

  • Categories (optional)
  • Tags (optional)
  • DNN 6 Taxonomy (optional)
  • 5 Star Article rating (optional), 1 rating per user or anonymous ratings
  • Featured Articles

Twitter, Active Social, Facebook, DNN 6.2 Journal

  • Automatically create a Twitter post notifying users about your new article. Support for TinyUrl, Isgd, Zima, Snipr, Snurl, Cligs
  • ActiveSocial Integration for Avatars, Profiles Links and posting of items to the profile including new article and voting actions
  • DNN 6.2 Journal Integration


  • Moderate Articles and Comments, both optional.
  • Specify Friend roles that skip moderation
  • Moderator can give comments when approving or denying an article
  • All approvals and denials are tracked.  More Info
  • Detailed log
  • User instructions on what will happen when article is published
  • Deleted articles are sent to a Recycling Bin


  • Unlimited scheduled or one time imports from RSS or ATOM Feeds.
  • Imports media and categories
  • Import from Ventrian News Articles

17 Dashboard Modules

  • RSS feed link
  • Articles - Sort by Date, Most Commented, Most Viewed, Most Popular (vote), Rating, Article Flow (show articles newer or older than than certain age)
  • Comments - Sort by Date, Most Popular (vote)
  • Categories - Display as Tree or List
  • Tags - Display as Cloud or List
  • Archives - Year and Month, Year Only
  • Authors
  • Related Articles
  • Related Articles (selected articles)
  • Article Slider
  • Category Article Tab
  • Taxonomy
  • Dashboard Tabs
  • Email Subscribe
  • Filter

Multi Page Articles

  • Easy article paging using in-article tags, this allows you to edit the content of your entire article without having to jump to different pages.
  • 2 article pager types. Number pager which is SEO friendly and combo box with page titles.


  • Built in banner advertising using DNN banner groups
  • Specify up to 3 banner positions in your article list.


  • You specify which DNN roles are moderators
  • You specify which DNN roles are authors
  • Configurable email notifications sent to moderators, authors, and commenting users.

News & Magazine Sites

  • One article source can be separated throughout your site via category filters.
  • Dashboards can filter by category.

Windows Live Writer

  • Post your articles using Windows Live Writer.
  • DigMeta Article Edition comes FREE with DigArticle, no extra modules to purchase!
  • No product tags or advertisements are inserted, this is a full version of DigMeta that works only with DigArticle.

Filter and Search

  • Filter articles based on date range
  • Search article title and content
  • Advanced Filter Dashboard, create your own filter controls to filter Categories, Taxonomy, Custom Field and more


  • Threaded or List comments
  • Special highlighting for comments by author
  • Comment voting
  • Sort comments by date or popularity.
  • Registered or Anonymous which uses CAPTCHA to prevent SPAM
  • Recaptcha 2 integration
  • Disable comments per article

Token Replace

  • Replace text with your own Text/HTML
  • Replace a keyword with a link to a website