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DigForm 2.0 DotNetNuke Forms Module with Statistics

Created 11 years 78 days ago
by digmike

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DigForm 2.0 is shaping up to be one of the best DotNetNuke Forms modules available. Download the 15 day trial today and see for yourself.

2.0 now reports statistics for many of the field types (even Address).  A new Statistics tab has been added to the Admin page.


Here are some of the features:

General overview of Views, Submissions and Conversion

General overview of how effective your form is on getting users to fill it out.


Selector Controls

Selector controls (combo, radio list, drop down list, checkbox list, single checkbox) show bar charts of results, including unanswered counts.

Number Controls

Number, Decimal, Currency show various numerical statistics like minimum and maximum.  You can also setup custom ranges to report on.


Date Controls

Date controls allow reporting on pure dates, allowing statistics based on month and year.  Also you can have the date control report as an Age for fields like birth dates and allow custom ranges to be reported for the ages.



Address fields gives statistics on its parts: City, State, Country, Postal Code

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