dignukedigScatter is a flash based module for displaying a set of images in a “scatter” type of animation. Configurable popups can display informational content about the image.
Professionally and uniquely display your images while entertaining viewers with a fun and upbeat approach to gallery style content.


Customizable Scene

Create the perfect image display to fit your needs. Set stage background images and digScatter object background images to display creatively complex scenes. You have power over every detail of how you images are displayed.

  • Custom backgrounds (Image and SWF), sizes, shadows, colors Auto “Polaroid” mode
  • Embeddable music - Embed your own background music
  • Display as a Wall or Scatter images


Image Sources

Easily display image albums already set up on RSS feed capable sites such as Flickr.  If the site doesn't  support the flash security sandbox, you can cache the images locally.

  • RSS (Flickr, Picasa, Simple Gallery)  Reference images or cache locally.  Schedule to auto-refresh. 
  • File System - Use images from existing directories in your portal.
  • Upload - Upload photos directly into digScatter


Click Events

You can use digScatter to display information, or use as a navigation menu.

  • Internal Popup - displays a internal Flash animated popup window with content. 
  • External LightBox Popup - displays an external Facebook style Lightbox popup 
  • Link to a page in your DotNetNuke portal or any other webpage (On self, or new page)


Configurable Popup

You can choose image only, content only or image and content displayed in your an external Lightbox popup or internal animated popup.

  • Specify Image Position (Top/Bottom/Left/Right/None) and size
  • Choose Background and Text Color
  • Global popup settings for all image which can be overridden on each individual image.



  • Standard - Install in 1 DNN installation, unlimited portals.
  • Enterprise - Unlimited DNN Installations, unlimited portals
  • No Source code is availabe.



  • DNN 4.5.5+
  • SQL 2000+
  • Flash Player 8